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The Complete Robot (Robot, #1)

The Complete Robot (Robot, #1) - Isaac Asimov I took longer time to savor it than usual even by the size of the book. But it was worth it.

The initial stories were like some stand-a-lone stories which were good but there was not much connection between them.

This changed drastically when Powell/Donovan stories started. There was continuity and you could actually see the interplay of "Three Laws of Robotics" in different situations. There was enough mystery, thrill, logic in these stories.

And then started Susan's stories. According to "Asimov's universe" she was the most important persons in developing the robots. It was told that she was his favorite character. In her stories one will see the real significance of each law and their interplay. These stories give a glimpse into the brilliance of Asimov.

There was small inconsistency between "The Evitable Conflict" and "Feminine Intuition", but I can overlook this easily given the content of the whole book.

Happy that I started this one rather than "I,Robot" because you get read the stories where interplanetary travel is being developed with the help of robots which is not there in the later book.

Now got to read other books in the series.